Which Way Did It Come From?

I have felt so many energies coming at me for the last few weeks it has been hard to sort them out. Actually, for many of us, it is more intense than any Mercury in Retrograde in recent memory. Everyone and I mean everyone is doing year-end clearing right now getting ready for the New Year so we can start as fresh as possible. This happens every year to some extent. Ah yes, energies are always coming and going but never this fast that I have seen.

What is creating the intensity right now is the continuous rifts in the time/space continuum that I recently channeled about. Where it used to happen several times a year recently it has been every few days. Partly caused by geomagnetic spikes from the core of the earth but I have identified that many more spikes are coming from other dimensions as the quantum field continues to open more to our 3-D dimension.

Many people are in fear of money and/or relationships ( whether beginning or ending them) and generally have a feeling of being lost or out of place. All with an underpinning feeling of being ungrounded.

Your place is out of place it’s not that you’re out of place. It is kind of like living 50 feet above the earth and can’t quite get grounded. Those of you that are highly sensitive are feeling it double what everyone else is. So if your friends or neighbors seem fine and go on their merry way you may get the feeling something is wrong with you.

You are just super sensitive and need more rest and self-care until you regain your balance again so don’t push anything hard right now. Relax into the energies and make friends with this quiet time. Years ago when I was active in the corporate world a friend was sick and I called to check on him and asked how he was. He replied ” I’m enjoying port health and catching up on my reading and other areas of my life”

Do not despair it will get a little better over the Holidays and should clear up by Mid-January or thereabouts. Current symptoms are loads of dreaming, joint and muscle aches, problems with teeth and most of all a fogginess in the mind for no explainable reason.

Plenty of help available if you need it both here and there. There meaning ask your guides and Angles when you need something that hasn’t appeared in the physical.

Love all you souls