See what Andrew’s previous clients are saying

Andrew has done house clearings for me several itmes. I can immediately tell the difference with myself, my kids and my pets.

I highly recommend him. If you feel there is soe bad energy in your house or strange occurrrences, noises, etc
I you are unsure just ask hie to check your house! Afterwords you will be glad you did!

Erica Missouri

“As others have stated, Andrew’s healings are life changing. As amazed as I was with the help I received by having him work on me, I was even more impressed with how he helped an 8 year old relative. This dear child had night terrors from the time she was born. She also had major mood swings and her meltdowns were occurring more often. She was exhibiting destructive behavior. At my request, Andrew intervened. She had an entity attached that Andrew removed. He also did energy healing on her. The positive results were immediate. For those who say healing is mind over matter or the power of suggestion… well, in this case no one knew that a healing and entity removal had occurred yet the results were amazing. Andrew is the real deal.”

Jean F.

“I have a long history of physical issues that affect my balance, my thought patterns, speech and focus. This was often accompanied by pressure within my head, severe headaches, muscular pain, and blurred vision. It became so severe that even the vibration of my own voice caused a domino effect often aggravating my symptoms. I had been through the medical process and I was told everything was normal. I knew differently. At that point I was ready to just give up. That is when a friend told me about Andrew. His ability is phenomenal. After just one session, I was able to focus, think and speak without confusion. Andrew has worked directly with me three times. My symptoms have all backed off. I am able to talk without having a negative effect in my head. I can even sing along with the radio and feel good. My life has improved tremendously since Andrew entered it..”

Joyce B.

“After knowing Andrew for a couple years, I was curious to see what a healing would be like from him. Before my session started, I chose to remain open and not have any expectations about what he would say to me… nor did I offer any information about areas in my life that were annoying or troublesome. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Andrew was caring, sensitive and accurate with the information he received about me. He pinpointed areas in my life that I was needlessly tolerating and with his help I have overcome them and am happier in my day-to-day living. I highly recommend Andrew and will be requesting more of his help in the future.”

Pam T.

“I’ve known Andrew for almost a year now. He is warm, kind and caring and I trust him as well as depend on him for my periodic uplifts and releases that have given me comfort, peace of mind and the precious feeling of well being. God has blessed him with a wonderful gift and has worked through him to help make me feel whole and well again. I’ve benefited from this very special gift in more ways than I can say. My journey began with personal concerns, upheaval, emotional trauma and loneliness. At the beginning there was a problem that almost paralyzed me with emotion and discouragement. Through sessions with Andrew I was virtually healed from the pain. I welcomed the help and I was open to it and had an unconditional belief in his abilities. As time went by, the problem remained, but gradually I began to realize I was no longer paralyzed and I could function. As I write this, the problem no longer exists and I have grown and become stronger because of it. Andrew remains a source of help, guidance and healing in my life.”

Judy S.

I have met with Andrew for readings, taken some workshops, even cleared my home and recently had a healing. I would highly recommend Andrew for any of his services, but wanted to strongly urge everyone to explore a healing with him. The healing was powerful and transformational.

Without giving too much personal information, I have struggled with female related issues for over 32 years. His healing released cell memories of past lives along with “resetting” my cycle which has been off for way too long! What western doctors failed to do in 20 years – Andrew accomplished in one session. Looking forward to future healing sessions! I am filled with gratitude for the sharing of his gifts.

Cyndi K.

“Andrew has taken energy healing to a new and amazing level. While recovering from a major surgical procedure, I began to slowly lose my voice. After a few months, I could barely speak at all. Then I got the news……more surgery! A large, benign polyp had grown in my throat, pressing on the vocal chords. Several other small polyps were well on their way to doing the same. I was told that delicate surgery was required with no guarantee of regaining my voice, along with the chance of irreversible damage to the vocal chords. A mutual friend urged me to contact Andrew. Within three weeks and after three sessions, I had regained about 90% of my vocal capacity. The polyps had shrunk significantly. Speechless, my doctor could offer no medical explanation for the shrinkage. No surgery required! Thank you, Andrew, for your incredible ability to facilitate this gentle healing with Spirit.”

Caroline S.

“One weekend my 14 year old daughter had the stomach flu. We didn’t really think anything of it. Then a few days later she was vomiting again. This happened every 5-7 days for a about six weeks. We went to the doctor and they thought it was a severe lactose intolerance so we cut out all dairy. It seemed to get better for a while and then started up again. She has other health problems and I really didn’t want her to have invasive testing if I could help it. I knew Andrew was coming into town so I put off any further doctor’s appointments until after she saw him. He said she came here with a lot of past life issues to work through. She has always had trouble with depression and anxiety. He did a release on her that was connected to a traumatic past life and since that release, which was over six months ago, she hasn’t had any more vomiting episodes. Traditional medicine would have meant tests and drugs and more trauma.

I’m truly grateful to Andrew and would highly recommend him!”

Denise C.

“The store is much brighter and the air feels less dense and cleaner, like the air quality has improved and I can really smell the fragrances of the candles which we sell. The store feels much lighter and brighter – I wish I could describe that in more detail. It seemed prior to the clearing that the lights were always dim, even when the sun was out and the lights were on, it was dim in the store. I brought my little dog to the store one day when I was closing, and she is generally quite nervous in new places, however, this visit to the store, which is only her second, she was quite confident and comfortable, greeting new people and looking out the window, as opposed to pacing. In general, I feel more positive about being there and I have more energy to get things done while I am there – same as when you cleared my home, within one day I had the energy and mental clarity to rearrange furniture, both times with better energy flow in the room and the feeling of more space.”

Kelly P.

“Andrew came to my house for a clearing. He found two portals and a spirit, so he sealed up the house and got rid of the spirit. Since then, I have had much luck clearing out the basement where the portal was. There have also been many improvements in my child. Andrew is for real! The amount and content of the things I was able to let go of after his visit was immense. Andrew has many important messages he receives from Spirit. You will find them enlightening and helpful!”


“I just wanted to thank you for the reading. I felt a lot was lifted off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there. I feel more of a sense of freedom to be myself. All that coaching and Arthur Ray stuff was kind of holding me back. I have a much clearer view on what I want and better focus now. Thanks and God bless.

Jeanne N.

“Andrew first read for me in July of 2007. At that time I was six months pregnant, unemployed with a husband in law school and had never experienced a reading from anyone before. But it was a ‘psychic dinner’ and an inexpensive experiment so I agreed to go with a friend. I have to admit that Andrew told me many things I didn’t want to hear and frankly, I walked out pissed as hell. However the details of what he told me in that twenty minute session have been revealed over the last six years so clearly that it amazes me to this day. He explained that I wouldn’t start working at a place that I had already interviewed at until February of 2007. An idea that seemed impossible at the time.

He knew the sex of my baby and described the qualities and traits of my son’s personality. He described the outcome of my husband’s education and entrance into the workforce with great detail as well as my husband’s personality as a father. Something that I completely disagreed with on first hearing it.

Additionally Andrew told me things to do to better myself in my current station, which at the time felt unnecessary and irksome. However, in listening to the message, I found, and keep finding a greater understanding of how spirit works.”

Evelyn W.

“I am an Andrew fan. I just attended a public mediumship event that was hosted in Westlake, Ohio. I have hosted events, have participated in his classes and development circles. His messages are always clear, positive and of the highest and best interest of the recipient. The accuracy of his reading is always astounding to me. The details are spot on and the description of lost loved ones are unmistakable in origin. My husband has passed and the comfort I received after his death through a reading from Andrew allowed me to move forward with confidence in my families ever-present support. I have encouraged other widows and widowers to seek similar counsel in assisting them in their grief recovery.

I am spiritually minded and a devout christian. His teachings, always include prayer, and requests from their divine origins. Andrews teachings have opened my eyes and have expanded my belief of the miracle that life is and enormity of God Love and gracious plan for us all. Our Blessings are many and visible if we just open your eyes and seek………..

Thank you Andrew for your unselfish assistance in the “seeing”. I like to think of him as a “tour guide to the beyond.”

Nina C.

“Andrew…you hold a very special place in my spiritual heart and I will always remember my first interaction with you. The hour I spent in your presence will remain etched into my memory likely until the time my present incarnation is over, and beyond, as it is you I was guided to at a most crucial time in my spiritual awakening. Your words were magic and I still hold the notes I took that evening safely guarded with my most prized spiritual notes and journals.I always look forward to a conversation with you knowing you are one who truly understands where I come from…

Thank you for your guidance, your empathy and your accuracy.”


“Words never adequately express just how much you have helped me though a very difficult time in my life. Thank you for taking my calls! Your soothing voice over the phone was very reassuring, and the prayer before the reading instantly relieved my anxiety. I never felt rushed and there never seemed to be any time restraints. The reading was over when I was content with the information that I had received. I remember to this day, every word you told me, and carried these inspiring messages of hope throughout my struggling transition. You are a caring professional and your readings are solid, based in truth from spirit for each individual. It is peace I have every time after a reading with you. Priceless! Many blessings my dear Andrew, I am well. “

Michelle H.

“I never had a real psychic reading until the sudden loss of a loved one. I was amazed at the details Andrew was able to give me. It helped me move on in the grieving process. Andrew has always been right on in the details in other readings I have had since.”

Patricia R.

“OMG! Thank you so much Andrew…..Way better than John Edward 🙂 I feel like a new woman. I was getting depressed, thinking about a therapist. Thank you again. I BELIEVE!!!!! Now I know without question that love lives on for sure. ”

Susan Montes-Tokarz

“As an Intuitive Counselor and Healer myself, I was extremely impressed with the clear, accurate details that Andrew provided about my late husband. He was very instrumental in helping to remove some of the deep sadness that lingered, with an energy healing, and also cleared the house of the anxiety, and grief that remained. I find it easier now to be there. I would highly recommend Andrew for his authentic talent and his compassionate heart. ”

Kathleen Armstrong

“Andrew Keith is an extremely gifted psychic medium and energy healer. I have consulted with Andrew regularly over the last few years, and I have consistently found the specificity and accuracy of his insights to be nothing short of stunning. In addition to being incredibly gifted, Andrew is professional, approachable, and compassionate. It is truly a pleasure to work with him, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for personal readings or business consultations. “

Chuck Taylor – CEO, Doostang

“I really didn’t know why I needed to schedule a healing with Andrew, but, of course, I didn’t need to know why. I arrived for the appointment and he called upon his guides to tell him what I needed. They knew, they always know. First, he worked on my emotional state which could, at best, be described as unsettled. The energy in the room was amazing as he removed the negative energy and replaced it with positive. A peaceful feeling rapidly settled over me which was a welcome respite from the mental state I had been in when I arrived.

Next, he looked at me and asked what was wrong with my left arm. I was surprised by this, I never mentioned my arm but it had been incredibly painful for about 2 months. My trainer had tried to isolate the injury, but nothing was helping. He immediately recognized that there was pain from my elbow to my shoulder. While I sat there wondering how on earth he knew that, his guides began to heal it. I was shocked the next morning when I woke up completely pain free for the first time in months. I kept waiting for the pain to return, but it was gone!”

Lisa T.

I jokingly referred to the basement at my mother’s house as ‘The Blair Witch Project.’ The house had always been a little unnerving, and it got much worse after she died. I always had the creepy feeling that something unfriendly was watching me. Electronics that worked properly other places would break when I took them to her house. They would start working again when removed. It was also completely impossible to sell – the most ridiculous things would happen, and all told five buyers fell through. The realtor was flabbergasted and said she’d never run into so many problems.

A friend suggested trying to clear out negativity from the house with sage. Out of sheer frustration, I tried it. I broke out some sage while my boyfriend and another friend were helping to take care of my mother’s yard. It was somewhat difficult to even try because my lighter wouldn’t light inside the house. My boyfriend came in the house while I was trying to clear it, and when we went home we were both sick and dazed. Worse, we both woke up with weird marks the next day. I called Andrew because at that point I was genuinely frightened. I had him do my house first because I was afraid that something had followed me home, and asked that he clear me as well. He did report finding quite a bit, but assured me that everything had been taken care of. Since then, I’ve been sleeping much better, and my own home seemed much more comfortable. Best of all, a former buyer who had walked away from buying my mother’s house came back. They offered the listing price in cash a couple days after Andrew had cleared it. After months and months of fighting, we are closing in a week!

I was so happy with the results that I decided to start taking lessons with him for energy management. I feel much happier, grounded, and find that it’s much harder for me to be ‘drained’ around certain people or situations. I really feel like a new person. I don’t even need as much coffee, and that’s practically a miracle in itself.

All around I would say hiring Andrew has been a fabulous investment!

Brittany P.