Aye Matey…….. Choppy Waters Still Ahead!

The energy has been very up and down the last six weeks and growing more intense. The rollercoaster will continue for about the next 4 to 6 weeks and be even more up and down. Many of us are feeling it where the energy seems clear and bright, and it is, and then for no apparent reason the bottom falls out and we sink like a stone. Sometimes this happens over a few hours and sometimes within minutes. The causes are many; planetary energy shifts….current Mercury retro to name one….solar flares and geomagnetic spikes to name a few.

The core is what is going on inside you.

I have written many times about self care and balancing our mind , body , and spirit but it is going beyond that in to things in us we cannot see. We all carry cell memory from our current and past lives, and yes even future lives but can’t see what we are holding on to at a cellular level. Spirit has guided my practice from mainly guidance readings to negative ( and sometimes positive) cell memory release and rewiring the energetic systems in us to create more harmony and balance. I had a client tell me a few years ago that her analogy to the healing and releasing work spirit does through me is like her life is three large stacks of paper and we go and pull something out she wasn’t aware was even there. Everyone needs more of this work right now, including me. Often the result will be a greater sense of peace and clearer knowing over the days and weeks that follow after releasing and rewiring.

I truly believe we are at the bashing of teeth at the end of days meaning all our old stuff is being pushed up much more rapidly and this moment will accelerate over the next 6 weeks. I”m here if you need help and I know there are a number of us doing this work now.

Past Life Flashbacks

I have seen this occur many times over the years but I used to see it once in a while now I’m seeing it almost daily. Ever meet someone and love them or hate them right away? You had a past life with them. It goes much further than that. I’m regularly seeing where someone starts a conversation or situation with another person that they barely know on a subject that is forgien to one of them. Usually the other person doesn’t pick up on it and finds that person to be strange and I’ve heard describe them as crazy. Old entanglements, competitions, love relationships and the like are coming up rapidly these days. This is all part of the accelerated clearing I have been talking about. So if someone is talking to you about an event or situation that seems totally forien take a step back in your mind and feel if the situation feels familiar in any way whether you remember it or not. Go with the feeling.

Remember the inter dimensional fields are intersecting and colliding more rapidly than anytime I can remember and it will continue to accelerate……Chop Wood….Carry water….stay in the moment and do your best to stay in balance.

Next time I’ll channel about De juve

Keep your heart steady Matey and your mind and body will follow

Love Andrew