Channeled Readings

Channeled Readings

Channeled Readings

Connect to spirit and receive the guidance you need.

Andrew is an excellent psychic and channel to spirit. You will receive guidance regarding any area of your life. Andrew will connect to Source energy to provide you answers and guidance in the areas you need the most direction. You can touch on loved ones on this side or those that have passed over. You can gain insights on relationships, career, health or any other areas of your life where you wish to receive guidance.

Andrew also does soul readings and past life readings to provide soul level guidance on your human journey. Ask anything you would like. Readings are available in person or by phone for individuals or groups.

As a vessel to spirit, what you receive is truly between you and spirit. Andrew also teaches mediumship channeling and other forms of spirit communication.

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Andrew Keith is a natural born psychic medium who channels spirit to give you the insight and direction you seek.

Channeled reading sessions can be conducted over the phone.

You can schedule your session at 440-341-6101