Energy Healing Work

Energy healing work

Energy Healing

Restore physical and emotional balance to your life.

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years. The ancients knew in addition to bodily threats, we are also exposed to invisible hazards, whether from our own thoughts, from other people, or from past or current life traumas that have left negative cell memory. These invisible threats affect our psychological and physical functioning. This is one of the reasons that energy healing is so valuable; it goes beyond the physical body to factor in the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

The human energy field sets the foundation for the physical body. So if the energy field has blockages, this will eventually affect the physical body. Disease and ill-health manifest themselves first in our energy field before showing up on our physical bodies. These energy fields go by various names including the chakra system, the aura, the energy meridians, chi, prana, and others. Enhancing, balancing, or otherwise altering these fields or frequencies of energy is the key to all energetic healing methods.

Most or all methods of energy medicine share certain principles.

They Include:

  • Subtle energies are real, and reflect and affect our health.
  • Subtle energies actually create our physical bodies. Therefore, subtle energy treatments may address the causes of illness at deep levels.
  • Another human being can be used to direct or balance energies, to absorb or expel energies, or to act as a “jumper cable” to connect energetic points on the body.
  • Distance or location is not a barrier for energetic healing, since energy permeates all space.
  • It is most helpful for the client to be receptive to the treatment. Spirit can affect a healing even for those that are not receptive however being open to receive allows more divine energy in to create change.
  • There are layers of energetic imbalances. Some imbalances can be corrected or released in one session and other deeper imbalances may need multiple sessions.
  • Most energetic healing methods blend physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual healing together to some degree. Unlike conventional medical science that often tries to separate these, the energetic medical arts often see them as interdependent.

Andrew has an amazing ability to perform Spirit directed energy healing which can remove energy blockages, negative cell memory from past and current life traumas and also entities or energetic parasites which can cause a host of physical and emotional challenges.

Andrew has been given the ability to quickly and clearly see the core issues of the emotional and physical challenges his clients are experiencing. Spirit then guides him through the process needed to release the energetic blockages at the core leading to physical and emotional balance. Releases can have an immediate effect or may take several sessions.

Andrew can also clear various energy fields in your body through the clearing techniques listed below.
  • Chakra balancing
  • Clearing and aligning your meridians
  • Clearing and weaving your auric field

Andrew’s healing ability through Spirit has produced amazing results in many of his clients.

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Energy healing sessions can be conducted over the phone.

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Disclaimer : Energy/spiritual healing is never to substitute for seeing your regular medical practitioner always see your doctors and follow their guidance. Energy healing is an adjunct to traditional medicine.