About Andrew

Andrew Keith

About Andrew Keith

Connect with the spiritual world through Andrew Keith.

Andrew is a true professional in the field, with over 16 years of experience as a psychic medium and healer. He is a natural born psychic. He has assisted thousands of clients with his abilities in mediumship, energy healing, house clearings, entity removal, teaching, psychic readings and business consulting.

Born a natural intuitive, psychic and medium, Andrew did not realize his gifts until later in life when Spirit guided him to an intuition class and he immediately began channeling. Andrew has studied with many of the great masters, and energy healers of our time, and has developed his own unique way of channeling Spirit for an individual or group.

He feels his abilities as a psychic medium and healer are to be used to serve people to help them open up to Spirit as they evolve on their spiritual and human journey. Andrew’s successful former business career as Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for a hospital, was largely in part, due to his natural ability to understand other people’s needs, even in a fast-paced business environment.

He received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio. Andrew works with corporate clients as well, providing exceptional insight and direction to help create success.

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