Rifts and Shifts

Two Januarys ago I blogged about a rift I experienced in the time/space continuum on our planet. While driving I noted that the number of miles I traveled and the time it took to travel a specific distance did not match. I was informed from spirit that it was the result of geomagnetic spikes coming from the core of the earth that were disrupting this. Last summer I saw that young physicists on the Science Channel had evidence of the same phenomenon. I have noticed this occurring more and more frequently over the past few months.

It can cause many of us confusion in our lives. A feeling of being unbalanced and out of control. Especially those of you with 9 to 5 jobs. One day can seem like it lasts a week and another day feels like it goes by in an hour. This is all part of our linear three-dimension reality intersecting with other dimensions on our planet. These rifts do however provide a great opportunity for us to let go and meld into the shifts of space and time that are occurring. The shifts can actually allow us to move slightly through the space-time continuum and begin to shift our reality individually in positive ways. When you notice the rifts occurring take extra time to meditate on how you would like your reality to be.

When moments feel extra long or short is the time to work on shifting your world. Please remember conscious creation is a wonderful part of life but we need to continue to be aware of co-creation as we reshape our reality. From my channeling, I have seen over and over that most of what we create in our lives, we created before we incarnated in our bodies. People, places, and events were most often planned before we took our first breath. To create and let go at the same time and allow life to be what it is in each moment while musing on thoughts of your shift.

Remember manifestation is just a happy thought we have and then forget about. That simple.

I don’t blog about politics often and understand I can’t change the world….only myself to an extent. However, I am troubled by what I see happening in our country. Our politicians are moving toward a more autocratic bent and this does put our democracy in danger of not existing in the future.

America is the anchor to democracy in the world. If ours slips away democracy will fall worldwide and we will live in a world ruled by dictators as is the case in China and Russia. Do your own analysis and please be aware of voting and supporting with your heart and not your mind what you believe is best for all. If it is best for all it will be the best for you!!!

Another Thanksgiving next week reminding us all that Thanksgiving Day is 365 days a year. How blessed we are all to be here regardless of the problems and joys we encounter in life every day.

Much Love to You which sends it back to me for I am you and you are me co co cachew (thanks to the Beatles for that enlightened verse).

Happy Thanksgiving every moment to you