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Pet Psychic and Healings

Andrew has the ability to communicate with animals and perform healing work on them. Andrew has worked with hundreds of dogs and cats and horses over the years finding out from your furry friends what is aling or irritaing them and being able to help clear up many of their problems.

Animals are much easier to work on because their minds aren’t clouded with belief systems and fears like us two legged mammals.

Often animals have a blocked intestinal track and chemical imbalances due to emotional stress. They often they get upset if there are changes in their environment. It can be change of residence or as simple as losing a favorite toy. Pets often need peiodic clearing like people because they are natural healers and tend to absorb negative energies from their owners. Got to love them they always love us no matter what.

Just in 2021, I helped over 50+ dogs and five horses.

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