Teachings/Spiritual Classes

Teachings/Spiritual Classes

Teachings / Spiritual Classes

Embark on a spiritual journey.

Andrew is also a spiritual teacher.

Below is a list of the classes Andrew teaches and a description of each class for either in-person workshops or private lessons by phone.

Intuition Development 1

Learn to connect with the other side in this hands-on intuition development class. Everyone uses their intuition in daily life as a guide to decision making, from where the best parking space is to choosing a career or romantic partner. This class will give you tools on how to use it in a more conscious way and begin to bring information through from the other side.

Intuition Development 2

A continuation of Intuition 1, you will gain more tools to bring information through from Spirit. You will be able to bring more specific information through and gain greater confidence in your ability. This class also teaches you to connect to your guides and angels.

Intuition Development 3

The continuation of developing your intuition and channeling skills. We will incorporate more practice on communicating with your guides and angels. Additionally for those who are ready, simple tools will be provided to begin channeling past lives.

Energy Management

More and more people are becoming aware of their intuitive and psychic abilities. Most of them are having some difficulty in managing energies coming in to their field from other people, the earth, the collective consciousness and many other dimensions. These energies are often sent and accepted unintentionally and mainly unconsciously. This class will teach you essential tools on how to manage your energy and the energy around you.

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