Strong Undercurrent

Strong Undercurrent

This Mercury in Retro came in with hardly a whimper at the beginning of the month. Partly because the energy was so intense over the first two months of the year, so it seemed like normal intensity. However, there is an undercurrent to this retrograde that is making the majority feel tense and anxious. Wanting to know what is coming next. It’s like we are in a war waiting for the next bomb to drop. This undercurrent of tension is hitting most folks in spurts. Everything seems fine and good one moment and then the intensity and accompanying fear slip in for several hours or a day with no reason we can see in the linear.

As I have channeled before we are in the washing of teeth at the end of days. Everyone and I mean everyone has old dramas from this life and past lives coming up liking we are vomiting them up versus normal releasing making the experience more intense and people looking desperately for a reason and causes in their world.

This is causing more people to place their fears and anxiety on the people around them causing all kinds of necessary drama, arguments and bad feelings and the like. It is also causing more tensions between countries and different factions in many areas.

It is notable that some of these drama situations are on the path, part of the plan for many karmic reasons. It is how we handle each that is important. Sometimes we need to cut bait and get away from people that are not conscious enough to look at their own issues, emotions, and reactions to events. Sometimes we need to work through the dramas to move forward You need to gauge each situation individually.

The main thing to do????? Those that read my blogs regularly….chop wood, carry water. meaning take care of yourself physically mentally and emotionally each moment you have an opportunity to.

I expect a calming down of the energy around next weekend to early next week. However, this retro will go out at the end of the month for most with a bang.

Much love to your souls,