Time is space…Space is time

In January 2017 I blogged about a rift in the time-space continuum. I became aware of a discrepancy between the miles I was driving and the time it took to arrive at my destination. This went on for two days before I channeled that we had assistance with a shifting of the poles of the earth to maintain the current orbit of the planet. This created a geomagnetic spike from the core of the earth which caused time and space (distance and time) to not be lined up as we usually are accustomed to. Some didn’t believe what I channeled at that time.

The other night on the science channel astrophysicists were discussing the evidence that geomagnetic spikes and shifts in this field cause rifts in the time-space relationship on earth. I was excited to see that modern science has confirmed this.

The new age community has been talking about the thinning of the veil between earth and other dimensions in the quantum field and that time is speeding up. I have gotten clarity for years that time is not speeding up, what is actually happening is that time is contracting and disappearing. What does this mean for us?

It means that to stay centered and balanced in our lives we need to learn more than ever before to live in the moment and train our minds to let go of the past and the future. Our memories will still be intact and we will still do planning for the future. The difference now is that we will lose more and more of our attachment to the past and the future. By losing this attachment what I mean is we will have much less emotion around it. It will be like reading about something in 300 BC in China. We will just observe it without feeling much about it whether an event happened 3 hours ago or 3000 years ago.

It is notable that we can be conscious of these shifts and make conscious decisions to not emotionally attach to events and situations. To take each day as if the slate has been wiped clean. I don’t see that we can do this completely, simply that it is something to be mindful of to create greater peace in ourselves which will, in turn, create greater peace in all humanity. As the majority of you are aware as one of us goes we all go. So don’t go or come to stay here now. Interesting note, three times in my life someone out of the blue has given me a copy of” Be Here Now”. A reminder to stay in the moment.

Native peoples all over the planet live in the moment with a ” Tic Tic” awareness of the world vs the modern “Tic Tock” view of the world. Modern thinking is always looking for more and to get ahead. I have seen in my own life where I gain so much more in the times I have focused my attention in the moment and lived in the flow of life and creation.

Love to Me and you….Because you are me and I am you Co Co ca chew…………Thank you to the Beatles


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Time is space.. Space is time