Shift, shift and shift again

Change is moving rapidly for many right now. From changes on the job to the beginnings and end of relationships. Many couples that keep breaking up and getting back together will be permanently done soon or already are and not recognizing it yet. These changes are because we are individually changing so fast right now many of you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore and it will take a little time to find your center and move forward.

Shift, shift and shift again

Meanwhile, the dark energy is spreading and trying to get a better foothold on our planet. It is up to each of us to maintain our own light and monitor our dark side. The major way to achieve this is by being mindful of our ego’s. If you are upset with someone why? What do you feel is missing from your life and what is causing the darkness. Anger, jealousy, grief and the rest of the negative emotions we are all subject to. I am witnessing more and more people fighting for power and control. Whether it is for money and fame or to control others to get a leg up. Conscious manifesting is good and fine as long as it follows surrender. It is the fighting to get what one wants and expectations of outcomes that cause frustration and the like emotions to surface. Gratitude is about being happy with what we have.

Remember manifesting is simply a happy thought that we let go of and don’t pay close attention to the outcome. It is in the relaxed flow that we create not in forcing things and applying great effort and resources. I have had many clients that have used spells to join with the partner of their choice. So far I have not seen one of these work out long run. How about instead of connecting me to this specific person we say God send me the right partner and let go of it.

October 31 is a doubleheader with Halloween and Mercury going retrograde. This will be an intense energy time however most will feel it days before and after and not on that exact day. The usual ascension symptoms are occurring, too much or too little sleep and the rest. New ones right now are neurological problems and joint pain as well as unusual body aches. These should start easing up by mid-November.

Oh yes and Thanksgiving is coming up. Funny we dedicate one day a year when most of you know it is every day of the year. I know some days are tougher than others to be grateful so remember you woke up today, have a roof over your head and you will begin to see all your needs are met or you wouldn’t be on the planet. Then it gets easier to continue the list.

If you are struggling to be grateful the quickest way to get there is to help someone else in need. As we give we receive……….

Much Love to you All