Time For Each of Us to Make a Choice

For over a week clients text me every day wanting to know what is happening with the coronavirus pandemic as it’s now called.

First off this is a genetically modified virus, meaning it was created in a lab. I’m not clear if it was an accident or not.

The reports of it on the news are not over-exaggerated, 14 day incubation period before a carrier knows they have it and it will cross over many more than normal flu if a vaccination or cure is not found soon. The loss of life is tragic although we all have to go some time. I don’t mean that to be trite. People pass away in so many different ways every day and this will be part of a long list of ways.

What you are seeing on the news I heard over two weeks ago. This will not settle down until July. It will not be business as usual in July it’s more as a society we will be better able to deal with it and even accepting that this is part of a new paradigm. The part I’m seeing is that it will come back with a mutated strain in the fall. By then many needed resources will be in place to handle the second wave.

What is the most disturbing is that the white house has dragged their feet for two months especially on the test kits and distribution and on limiting social interaction until we have enough test kits to know where we stand in regards to the spread of CV. Europe and South Korea are so much farther ahead of us it is something you may want to consider. If this goes long enough martial law will be declared. Whether or not the military and others in the government will allow this I”m not clear.

Obviously, the largest impact on the masses of Americans will be economic. I’m not getting the government can do enough to avoid a recession. It’s a question of how deep it goes. Please remember up and down cycles in the economy are natural occurrences. We can get through that with less discomfort if Washington puts the supports in place now, so start contacting your representatives and make it clear the Government must step in n a national level. Congratulations to Governor Cuomo and the other state governors that are making the necessary changes and adding support while Washington spins its wheels as usual.

This gives us all the choice. Are we going to live in fear as panic in groceries has demonstrated this week or can we take the compassionate view with an attitude of appreciation for what we do have ?? We can decide to be grateful for what we do have and provide as much support as we can to the neighbors we have that will suffer the most due to unemployment and many other disrupting circumstances

Christ , Krishna and many others told us we are all brothers and sisters and to take care of each other. You have an opportunity to be somebody’s hero during this time.. You have an opportunity to still enjoy life and live in faith……..Your Choice