We Are All One

I have missed you all. Many of you have contacted me asking why I have not blogged in a while and I’m pleased to let you know I was busy finishing my first book, which is now on Amazon if you would like to check it out. Also, I’ve been finding the gifts of COVID isolation until I receive the vaccine.

“Surfing The Quantum Field: A Human Perspective” is largely the story of my own spiritual experiences and lessons. I hope that those of you that read it will muse on your own experiences and what life and spirit have brought to you.

When I blogged last spring, spirit informed me there would be a slow-down with the virus in the summer and an up-swing in the fall. That those that contracted it would be able to spread it 20 days later and that the virus had already mutated into four other strains. All this came to pass. I’m hearing things will still get much worse with the newer strains and that two more variants will be discovered in the next few months. We can get through this much more by relaxing and really taking care of ourselves and each other in whatever way it appears to you. Whether you can help someone or need to reach out for help.

Social protocols and vaccines are obviously the answer to going back to semi-normal. I do hear we will continue to live in a new normal and things will never totally go back to the way they were. At the beginning of the pandemic last year, I was told it will take years to get through this. Economically, we will go through a period of recession and then hyperinflation and this will bounce back and forth for a while. If we all cooperate—and I mean Washington, too—we will get through this much more quickly. I see semi-normal by early next year. Let’s set the example and spread the energy of cooperation.

The eagle is the symbol of the United States and it is easy to see that the left wing and right wing are broken right now and have been for some time. I do hear there will be more cooperation between the parties in Washington over the next six months. The disconcerting thing is that we the people have to learn to cooperate and respect each other and learn to listen to each other. That is not to say we have to agree, however, I’m running into more and more folks on one side or the other that can’t even listen to what their counterparts are saying. When you are listening to someone that doesn’t share your views, I recommend taking a breath and saying “peace” in your mind three times. We have to move from R and D to I’s. Not for “Independents,” but for intelligent views.



We all have to remember that we are all brothers and sisters and open our minds to this consciousness. Several of you took exception to the last blog where I mentioned the White House dragging their feet on a national plan for the virus. I hope that is obvious now. It is about looking at reality, not at what we desire to be reality. This is one of the states of consciousness as we ascend and evolve our spirits in physical form. It is not just about being conscious spiritually and of the other dimensions in the quantum field. Half of consciousness evolution is about looking at reality in a detached manner in the linear world.

I’ve always known that if I have an emotional reaction to something, then I am in a state of judgement and if I can look at it in a detached fashion, then I am observing the situation without judgement. If I’m judging, I’m part of the problem, but if I’m detached, then I have a better chance at being part of the solution.

All the great spiritual masters showed and taught us this. Christ said, “forgive them, Father, they don’t know what they do.” Buddha and his followers observed the slaughter of many, many people and described it as the cleansing of the sword. That these dualities are part of the natural state of the duality of the universe and part of life on this planet. I haven’t gotten that detached yet myself but it reminds me how little control we really have in this world.

I loved one story of the Buddha when I was in my teens. His followers came to him while he was meditating and said, “Master Master, people are killing each other and stealing and doing horrible things. What do we do?”. He opened his eyes and said, “if you want to change the world, change yourselves.” He closed his eyes and continued meditating. Meaning the thing we have the most control of in this world is what we think, say, and do. Those are the choices we can make each moment.

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May God, the universe, and whoever is standing next to you bless you and above all, know you are blessed to be here on earth.