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Service Fee for sessions:

  • 30 minutes of channeled reading or healing - $100

  • One hour of channeled reading or healing - $200

  • Entity removal - $400

  • House clearing (done remotely) - $500

Andrew Keith is a natural born psychic medium gifted with the ability to channel spirit to bring you the insight and direction you seek.

Most sessions can be done by phone.


Connect with loved ones who have passed, clear negative energy in your home, gain spirit guided insight into your own personal spiritual journey…

Please call for additional service fees not listed here.

The majority of the services Andrew provides are conducted by phone.  

Payment Methods Accepted:

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Meditation CD

Andrew channeled an amazing chakra clearing exercise that balances your energy and strengthens and protects your auric field.  He also channeled a technique that releases negativity into the Earth and replaces it with divine love.  Using this meditation on a regular basis can bring physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.  Following is Lori's testimonial about Andrew's the meditation:


"This meditation CD blew me away.  Every time I listen to it I not only hear something new, but gain a different benefit.  In a mere 20 minutes Andrew manages to help clear your chakras and takes you to the place you need to be that day.  He has helped me set protection, clear energy and some days simply relax into the meditation.  This is my go-to meditation now.  Thank you Andrew for this special gift you have shared." Lori

Energy Rebalancing Meditation CD