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Meet Andrew Keith, a natural born psychic

Get the insight and direction you need from spirit with channeled services from Andrew Keith.  Born a natural channel and psychic, Andrew has trained with many great spiritual masters.


All services, including house clearings, entity removals, psychic readings, and business consulting, can be provided by a telephone session.  


Andrew is also a medical intuitive, remote viewer, animal communicator, spiritual coach, teacher, energy healer and more.


Divine unconditional loving energy channeled through Andrew directly from source can affect physical, mental and emotional healing.  Through spirit, Andrew has the ability to release current life and past life traumas from your cell memory to release negativity and allow you to live more peacefully and abundantly.

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Many homes have portals to other dimensions allowing entities from other dimensions to dwell in their homes.  These entities can have many negative physical, mental and emotional effects on the persons living in the home.  

Through spirit, Andrew has the ability close the portals and remove negative entities from the home and seal the home in unconditional love, creating a positive environment for everyone living in the home.

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Andrew has the ability to channel information from spirit in all areas of your life.  You can touch on loved ones on this side or those that have passed over. You can gain insights on relationships, career, health or any other areas of your life where you wish to receive guidance.

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What Andrew’s clients have to say

Caroline S.

"Andrew has taken energy healing to a new and amazing level. While recovering from a major surgical procedure, I began to slowly lose my voice. After a few months, I could barely speak at all. Then I got the news……more surgery! A large, benign polyp had grown in my throat, pressing on the vocal chords. Several other small polyps were well on their way to doing the same. I was told that delicate surgery was required with no guarantee of regaining my voice, along with the chance of irreversible damage to the vocal chords. A mutual friend urged me to contact Andrew. Within three weeks and after three sessions, I had regained about 90% of my vocal capacity. The polyps had shrunk significantly. Speechless, my doctor could offer no medical explanation for the shrinkage. No surgery required! Thank you, Andrew, for your incredible ability to facilitate this gentle healing with Spirit."



Speak with Andrew Keith, a psychic medium with over 10 years of experience, where you can gain insight and spiritual healing.

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Channeled Readings

Denise C.

"One weekend my 14 year old daughter had the stomach flu.  We didn’t really think anything of it.  Then a few days later she was vomiting again.  This happened every 5-7 days for a about six weeks.  We went to the doctor and they thought it was a severe lactose intolerance so we cut out all dairy.  It seemed to get better for a while and then started up again.  She has other health problems and I really didn’t want her to have invasive testing if I could help it.  I knew Andrew was coming into town so I put off any further doctor’s appointments until after she saw him.  He said she came here with a lot of past life issues to work through.  She has always had trouble with depression and anxiety.  He did a release on her that was connected to a traumatic past life and since that release, which was over six months ago, she hasn’t had any more vomiting episodes.  Traditional medicine would have meant tests and drugs and more trauma.  


I’m truly grateful to Andrew and would highly recommend him!"

Evelyn W.

"Thank you again Andrew.  I truly was blessed with insight, peace and guidance in curing my health.  I have been told by so many that I am too hard on myself...I guess I didn't believe them or in myself enough to understand.  So many questions answered, so many times blessed to tears, even after we hung up.  I have never felt so sure of God's love since the near death experience.  Thank you so much for your time and willingness to do this for me.  You are truly a man of God and a dedicated servant for His work!  God's blessings be with you and now and forever...Amen."

Lily Dale Tree

Can you spot the angel?

Cathy T.

Andrew, thank you so much for the insightful reading! I was so worried about my mom because she suffered so much  at the end. It was very comforting to know that she's ok & that she forgave me. There were so many things I regretted but have now let go. There was one other thing too that didn't make any sense to me at the time but later hit me like a ton of bricks!! Thank you again. I look forward to my next session! God bless you!!