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By andrewkeith61012869, Jun 19 2019 01:26PM

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to move? There has been stuck and heavy energy for the last month. Although the energies have not been near as intense as they were in March and April most can't wait for things to get moving and change. People are stuck in places and relationships and jobs and all the rest and getting impatient for things to begin to change. For most by early July, some folks later, the energy will start slowly moving forward and then bang!! Things will change so fast you will have to strap yourself in the rollercoaster seat for weeks to come.

This applies to world politics, business and the like. We will keep seeing subtle shifts in the power of governments. Later on, people will understand how major these shifts will really be.

Loads of ascension symptoms going on. The ever-popular can't sleep enough and getting too much sleep. Many are feeling lethargic and don't have a lot of passion for anything extra right now. Some are experiencing headaches that are not usual and come and go for no apparent reason. The new one in the bunch is foot aches and pains. As I have often channeled we are all continuously releasing whether we realize it or not. Currently many are releasing through their feet and I'm not wholly sure why right now. Good foot care is really important I hear. May sound crazy but I'm very clear on this. Soak your feet, get foot massages ( yea girls make him do it be sure to reciprocate), massage your feet before bed and please don't sleep in socks if comfortable. The obvious, wear good comfortable shoes, don't walk on the hard ground if you can help it, etc.


Find something to laugh at, make it a point every day. Laughing kindly about ourselves can be a most useful tool. Amp up your daily spiritual program right now will go a long way till the starting gun sounds.

Much love to all you Souls

By andrewkeith61012869, May 16 2018 03:13PM

I am seeing people waking up in numbers I have never seen before in this incarnation. Folks are becoming more attuned to others and the collective consciousness of humanity. Knowing what people are thinking, feeling and prophetically knowing events before they happen, this is a beautiful and joyful experience for most that are waking up to the oneness of souls. While it is joyful it is also painful knowing too much about the negative and dark side of the collective human experience. It is a delicate balance between enjoying all this newness of energy and information and learning to mange it in a way that you can stay centered and balanced.

While all this outside information comes in, the way to stay centered is to focus inward in to the very depths of our souls and our humanity.

It is only by knowing yourself at a deeper level that you can discern between what energies are yours and what are not. This is the primary way to mange your energy in a world full of chaos and confusion. The other part is understanding God, whatever your definition, knowing that there is a power much greater than you in the universe that can guide you, heal you and protect you; that also provides so many blessings each moment of our day if we look for them. It is in this way we can let energies that are uncomfortable flow through us and past us and not touch our souls, minds and bodies. Looking inward is studying yourself in all ways possible. Exploring your ancestry is a good way. We carry the epigenetics of our ancestors. These are mannerisms, personality traits, predispositions to health, emotions and so much more.

I find that astrology has been somewhat helpful in understanding myself. Understanding our cultural heritage as Americans or whatever culture you were raised in... Another way is through watching how we react to people and the situations we encounter each moment of each day. All those beautiful mirrors to reflect back to us what we are feeling and why. Where we need to heal and where we need to grow.

None an end all and there really is no such thing, but this awareness provides bits and pieces of the puzzle that is you.


In the last blog I channeled it came through me that there would be a geological event, Hawaii has happened in the past week and it is far from over yet. There will be another major geological event in June or July this year, I haven't been shown where or what yet but will update you when I'm shown.

In the most highly sensitive of my clients this is causing major anxiety and feeling of stress that cannot be related to life events normally occurring. I have blogged about it so many times but am moved by spirit to repeat again.


Meaning take care if yourself first and foremost. Diet, exercise yes, but don't forget taking care of your energy and soul. A solid daily spiritual routine is absolutely one of the best ways to stay centered in turbulent times.Get outside help when you need it from myself and the many healers that have woken up to serve.

Love all you souls, but don't park on my lawn.......beep beep

By andrewkeith61012869, Jun 12 2017 10:33PM

What's in a Soul?

Folks out on the West Coast often call me a soul worker. What exactly is that?

When I started my service for spirit I was strictly doing channeled readings to provide comfort, guidance and support to people from spirit in all areas of life. After a year of doing this I began standing people up and was shown by spirit current life and past life traumas that were blocking their ability to move forward and how to release the negative cell memories. For example, the one I have seen the most has been in women that go from one abusive relationship to another and can't seem to stop the cycle. By removing the cell memory many are able to move forward in to healthier relationships and enjoy life more. This is one example out of thousands spirit has guided me to assist with.

God works in mysterious ways. With one client she was heartbroken over the ending of a relationship. Spirit had me release a past life where she had starved to death. Seemingly unrelated however the release helped her move forward and released a lot of her grief.

These are just a few examples of how my vessel is used to facilitate healing in our etheric bodies. Etheric body being our minds, emotions physical body and most importantly our souls. Western medicine deals with the physical intervention and somewhat the mental but still has no understanding of the soul and the energy of the body.

Does this work well with people that aren't open to healing?

Yes, even is the person is not open in their mental consciousness their soul is open to receive what they need to move forward. 

Part of the soul work is that people are often plagued by things from other dimensions. This can be entities, inter dimensional parasites, too many connections to other dimensions and a limitless number of other things that we are not conscious of but can dramatically impact our lives.

Bizarre job I've been given you say, yes but it is so rewarding to see burdens lifted off of so many people and they are so grateful to be able to move forward with so much more ease in their lives. For more detail read the testimonials on this site.

Understand it is not up to me what exactly happens I channel the divine love of God and what occurs is between the person and God. I am simply the facilitator of what is already, in your soul plan.

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