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By andrewkeith61012869, Jan 6 2019 11:37PM

It is going to be a most surreal year with so many more changes and shifts happening throughout the year.

Two major crust shifts in the earth of near record magnitude.

More political upheaval and unrest between governments this year (don't have to be psychic for that one).

There will be an opportunity for the people of the U.S. to change part of the constitution to get Washington working again. It's simple, remove campaign contributions and the two party system. A house divided falls. Each of us must take the opportunity when it arises.

While that is happening we will go through longer periods of calm energy unlike the continuous intense energy of 2018.

Not that we won't have such intense periods, we will certainly, which will make them seem more intense after calm periods.

President Trump ..... there will be clear evidence of criminal activity in his organization and family. The thing that might lead him to resign

would be to minimize the effects on his family. Not positive on the outcome of this, but I see this as the most likely outcome.

Downturn in many sectors of the economy and then rising again late winter or spring.

My personal favorite:

Aliens from our galaxy and other dimensions will be made known publicly so there is no doubt we are not alone. This will create so many shifts it makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Most will be for the better for humanity and our planet. I got this several weeks ago and a friend mentioned it today giving me confirmation.

Of course your year depends on your soul plan and how many choices you make that are in line with it.

If you need help I'm here.

Happy New Year and many returns on your investments in LOVE. Ha!


Oh, and if you have requests on global insights email me, please.

By andrewkeith61012869, Nov 6 2018 04:45PM

As we ascend, meaning we are having an increase in our spiritual awareness (vibrational energy and learning our lessons on earth), we go through many highs and lows emotionally and physically. More people than I can ever remember are starting this process now. At the times when we are advancing more rapidly our energy field becomes more open than usual and we experience more of our own process and take on more of the energies of the world. During these periods it is important first to recognize that we are in this state so we can take appropriate actions to maintain our center and stay in as much peace as possible. We need more rest and more water, both drinking it and getting in it. We also need more than usual to be in calm places around calm people. If watching TV make sure it is humor or something we enjoy that is peaceful. No violent films and please avoid the news, which I have used applied kinesiology to measure, and it vibrates around 80% negative as an overall vibration.

The faster we shift the trickier it gets. Good time to use your vacation time and talk to your plants and animals, they often have more capacity to love us than the people we know. Short trips are also very good. Spending time in a different geographical place often helps our energy settle down. My personal favorites are the mountains, forests and beaches, go to these kinds of places if that is possible for you to do. If you go to a vortex, where energies tend to be more intense, that may bring you through faster or really rock your vibration. Use you intuition on that one.

We are still in an intense energy, but there is a steady lue to it right now, as if we are all waiting for something new to happen. I'm hearing the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde will have a few very intense days periodically with calm lapses most of the cycle. Take it easy and be mindful on November 16 and 17 these are my pick days of intense energy this month.

We also have Thanksgiving coming up. Always one of my most favorite holidays. Gives us all a chance to be reminded of all the things we have to be grateful for, but forget as we often hurry our way through our busy day forgetting the blessings we have. No matter what seems wrong in your life you woke up today for starters. I often hear folks in their 70’s and 80’s use that phrase. Apparently us younger folk forget our mortality.


Years back I knew an old man from Mississippi and he used to say, "The rest of the world needs this day but I start and end my day with gratitude from my heart." So for Tex every day of the year was Thanksgiving Day.

Wishing you a smooth ride down the human highway,

Love Andrew

By andrewkeith61012869, Jan 14 2018 11:01PM

Several nights ago a young man in my practice texted and said he felt everything was changing and was going to be very different. I have felt this shift for the last ten days and today I heard clearly we are experiencing a large dimensional shift. I'm getting that this is another divine intervention - whomever you define as divine we are getting a shift in a positive direction for the planet. Basically this is shifting the energy to a more positive vibration and this is causing several things to happen.

On an individual level, many of us have been hyper releasing the last ten days or so, dumping what is holding us back to move forward more smoothly in the coming months. Others are just basking in the higher vibration and enjoying it immensely, and others are experiencing everything in between. It's not everybody's time for releasing, we seem to do it in shifts. Also, things and places that have been very familiar may seem very, very different today and tomorrow.

On a global level it is causing some systems to release just like we do as individuals. Corporate and economic structures will have some of the integrity functions and actions pushed out and away. Most will be so subtle it won't be noticed, however, some will be noticeable. I would love to hear from those that see the corporate shift by the end of March. We will see political shifts in the same way. I'm not hearing the leader of North Korea will start a charity for kids in New York, but again, the changes will be seen.

I hear many benevolent beings that have supported humanity evolving on our own - without interference - have decided this intervention is necessary to put us back on course for our continuing evolution into a greater consciousness.

In any case, self care rules apply.

Much Love and Happy Shifting


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