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By andrewkeith61012869, Dec 29 2018 07:29PM

Dimensional Shift

I blogged about this in January 2016 and it starting happening again last night and into today. We have a dimensional shift happening right now. What it means is our dimension is moving to create a different reality on earth. You may see disruptions in the time/space continuum, meaning the miles you drive and the time don't match up right now, for example. Many are experiencing a feeling of being lethargic and sleepy, and as has been going on for weeks, and either can't sleep enough or sleep too much.

You may be siting in your living room and feel like you don't recognize it or have never been there before.

This shift is being done by the divine, aliens and other worldly beings, to realign the poles of the earth and to reset all the near disasters we have going on, on the planet at any given moment. I don't mean normal storms and earthquakes. The shift takes away the potentials for total climatic disaster including organisms that could devastate humanity, major super volcano eruptions. Really taking away the world ending things for us.

So it is good news, yay! We are getting help from the dimensions again.

It will make things a little more confusing than usual this week. The energy will settle down around January 7th, but of course we will still have all the political nonsense going on in governments around the world and the like.

I have been shown some major changes for next year and I'll relay those soon. The biggest one is aliens living among us will be revealed to all the people.

If this information freaks you out, not to worry, it's all for the good.

The really good news is nobody gets out alive anyway. Whether in a catastrophic event or passing from old age in a hospital bed ain't nobody staying.

So take care of yourself, your loved ones and neighbors and relax. Find all the love and joy you can each day.

Happy New Year and Happy moment to moment,


By andrewkeith61012869, Mar 19 2018 02:42PM

I heard from a friend that we will have some geomagnetic spikes this weekend. I don't read any of the new age sites but I'm feeling solar flare ups as well. I am hearing clearly we are experiencing a dimensional shift over the next several weeks. Once again beneficent beings both physical and non physical, are shifting our dimension to assist with changes in our cultures, politics and societies to basically settle down some of the commotion going on with humanity and the planet. You can refer to these beings as aliens and angels if that description suits your beliefs better. They are there. They have always been there among us to help with our evolution and ascension as a species, and more importantly as a group of souls.

We are all aliens in the aspect that we are all souls incarnated in body, but we are simultaneously incarnating in many dimensions and places. We all do ultimately come from God, source energy, whatever definition suits you, and at the end of the day are all one. That includes the darkness which the light could not be shown without and vs versa. It is the yin and yang, the light and darkness that creates the racetrack for our existence in the physical and all our experiences.

Never think for a minute you are alone, there are always beneficent being to call on to assist us in our journey here, no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs. I have been a HUGH fan of prayer for 20 years now and know that the prayers of many are what is shifting the consciousness of all of us and drawing on all the heavenly assistance that is available. Everyday I pray for sanity of our world leaders and for peace and harmony of all people and creatures on earth. What a change if 1 % of the people did that. We could shift the dimension into harmony and prosperity for all of us without assistance.

Now back to the dimensional shift....been feeling like you don't remember places you have been to 100 times? Feel an inner buzzing and excitement like a good change is coming? Feeling like you don't belong anywhere and are alone? During this period we will have to be mindful of managing ourselves and our energy. This is the way to ride the waves and surf through with ease.

I have talked about self management so much, but it is more important than ever.

Ride the waves with gratitude whether you deem events good or bad. Remember, we don't know the outcomes of all these things. Our job is to chop wood and carry water, meaning take care of what's in front of us.

Most importantly to choose love, kindness and compassion whenever we can.

Oh yes, and the ever popular and always bumpy Mercury in retrograde starts on March 23. It will spike a lot of up and down as usual, but I"m hearing won't be as bad for most as the last one over the holidays.

Grab your boards and enjoy the ride!!

Much Love to All,


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