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By andrewkeith61012869, Oct 10 2018 02:36PM

The energy on planet earth is still very intense even after five planets went direct at the end of August and in September. SO, what’s the deal? You think the energies would have calmed down. Many of my clients are experiencing more anxiety than they were a few months back. Intense dreaming is still occurring and folks are feeling very tired and wanting to sleep a lot or are having difficulty sleeping. With many it is a back and forth roller coaster with sleep. Most of you have an awareness of we are all one with each other and are strongly tied to all of the energies on the planet. Events in our world are what’s causing the intensity right now for the sensitive and highly sensitive people living on earth.

The political unrest in our country as well as across the world is being felt by those of us that are highly sensitive, even though we may not watch the news or be aware of it. Even if you don't watch the news you would have to live in a cave not to have heard what’s going on with our government and the recent supreme court nomination. The same unrest is in South America, Asian countries, the Middle East and yes, even China, although they keep more quiet than any country.

I feel that we are in the eye of the storm as planetary influences will increase again in the next few months.

Several of my clients have asked me lately when the intensity will end and the answer is it won't. It will continue to go up and down to an extent, however we are at a historic point in time where there is probably no relief in sight. How amazing it must have been for the people at the end of WW II. All that tension on the potential of global domination for years and to have it end and know everything is going to be alright. I'm not seeing that coming without a major event like WWll. “Everything is gonna be alright…”, that song by Bob Marley always calms me down.

We are also feeling what is going on with Mother Nature on planet earth. Scientists estimate 70% of the fish in the ocean are gone and 40% of the wildlife in the last 40 years is now gone. As sensitives we don't usually know what causes our anxiety and the negative feelings associated with it. I channeled this morning that a lot of our feelings of anxiety are from what is happening in nature. When I'm out in the woods I can feel the tension with the animal kingdom. Remember our furry friends can feel when an earthquake or other event is going to happen and usually leave the area before it happens without knowing why. They can feel their numbers diminishing and the problems and tensions that eight billion people are causing on the planet. Although our minds cause us to lose touch with it WE are mammals and are feeling the same things as the wildlife on our planet.

The solution is one of management as I have blogged about so many times. It is to chop the wood and carry the water. Self care, self management and taking care of others when we can is where it’s at. The self care is obvious however, we need to understand that taking care of others is so important to our own peace of mind. It brings us closer to the feeling and understanding of the oneness that we all truly are. I really don't have the right words to express to you how much it comforts me to care for others through this practice that has been entrusted to me.

And as one of us goes, we all go. Remember helping someone puts a wave of peace, compassion and love out into the field of oneness.

Christ gave us the answers in very simple stories and demonstrating by example. It is so important to understand that by giving to others we in turn receive the love and compassion that we extend.......because there is no escaping the fact that we are all one. My Dad used to say, “Give till it feels good not till it hurts.”

None of us will do it perfectly as far as I can see and I’ve personally fallen short regularly. The trick is to keep being mindful of it as best we can.

Much Love to you all

By andrewkeith61012869, Feb 11 2018 06:19PM

While many are still releasing, symptoms include mysterious headaches, various muscle aches and joint pain lately. It is all still part of the releasing process and self care lesson that we all go through on some level. Another ascension symptom I haven’t seen for a while is many people are experiencing brain fog and memory lapses. The energies are so bright right now we need to be mindful to ground several times a day.

Simultaneously there is an opening energy in advance of spring and it's time to get ready for it. Some of you are already experiencing it and others can feel it coming. We are entering a period where the windows of manifestation will be more open than in the past six months. The key to it is the same as I have been channeling for years. SELF CARE.

By caring for ourselves in any and all ways we are loving ourselves. Life obviously always has the ups and downs, problems we are confronted with and many getting tangles in other people's stuff or tangling them in ours. The trick to all of it is taking care of YOUR mind , body and spirit as best you can, all day, everyday. Diet, exercise, meditation and prayer, whatever those mean to you and whatever your daily program kick it up a notch now and keep those windows of manifestation wide open. Feel the feelings of where you want to get to and what you want to achieve. If it's in alignment with your soul plan your odds are very good in the next few months of reaching further than you may know. It will always come into creation faster if it benefits many people.

You have to stay in alignment with the oneness of God, all souls and treat yourself as kindly as you would an injured child. Love for yourself is truly love for others so use the keys to creation… Love, compassion, kindness and it all starts with yourself.

Happy Manifesting........Personally I'm working on a short vacation.

Much Love,


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