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By andrewkeith61012869, Feb 11 2018 06:19PM

While many are still releasing, symptoms include mysterious headaches, various muscle aches and joint pain lately. It is all still part of the releasing process and self care lesson that we all go through on some level. Another ascension symptom I haven’t seen for a while is many people are experiencing brain fog and memory lapses. The energies are so bright right now we need to be mindful to ground several times a day.

Simultaneously there is an opening energy in advance of spring and it's time to get ready for it. Some of you are already experiencing it and others can feel it coming. We are entering a period where the windows of manifestation will be more open than in the past six months. The key to it is the same as I have been channeling for years. SELF CARE.

By caring for ourselves in any and all ways we are loving ourselves. Life obviously always has the ups and downs, problems we are confronted with and many getting tangles in other people's stuff or tangling them in ours. The trick to all of it is taking care of YOUR mind , body and spirit as best you can, all day, everyday. Diet, exercise, meditation and prayer, whatever those mean to you and whatever your daily program kick it up a notch now and keep those windows of manifestation wide open. Feel the feelings of where you want to get to and what you want to achieve. If it's in alignment with your soul plan your odds are very good in the next few months of reaching further than you may know. It will always come into creation faster if it benefits many people.

You have to stay in alignment with the oneness of God, all souls and treat yourself as kindly as you would an injured child. Love for yourself is truly love for others so use the keys to creation… Love, compassion, kindness and it all starts with yourself.

Happy Manifesting........Personally I'm working on a short vacation.

Much Love,


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