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By andrewkeith61012869, Dec 23 2017 06:19PM

Christmas is perhaps the best day of the year to me. I am a Christian and celebrate the life of Christ, although my beliefs and understanding is more gnostic than traditional and I believe Christ came to many cultures in many different vessels throughout history. Interesting to note for anyone that will take a look; Christ and Krishna said almost the exact same things in the bible and the Bhagavad Gita.

Christmas is a day when a billion plus christians pause to celebrate some of the most profound teaching and demonstrations of love in the history of humanity. Christ's core message was love each other and care for each other. Do unto other's as you would have done to you. His message of the oneness of all of us is so clear and so overwhelming no matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs, it penetrates through any argument that could be made.

On this day every year, I feel a bright clear energy of love- no matter what the planetary influences or the political climate or other events in the world. People come together in love to participate in the love of families and communities. To help their neighbors by assisting charities. Differences are often set aside just for this season. It is a time of sharing and caring for each other like no other I know of. The bible states that one day Christ will return to earth, but I don't see that he ever left the planet in teachings, in energy and in divine love.

This shared love radiates throughout the planet and affects everyone in the consciousness of love wether or not they are aware of it or choose to receive it. What a world we would have if Christmas came everyday.

Current ascension symptoms

Many of us are still clearing out the old to prepare for the new year. Many folks are extremely tired and having muscle aches and other pains for no obvious reasons. Headaches have been common among many for the last several weeks. If you need help, I'm here, as well as many other fine healers.

The new year will start slow in terms of changes and events for the first few weeks. I am expecting an economic rollercoaster next year with wider swings in the ups and downs for our country and the world. Our economy is so artificially proped up that there will be adjustments of down periods, but again what I'm seeing now is it will be up and down, not a year long tend either way. I'm also hearing there will probably be a movement to impeach president Trump, but he will probably get around it. Many more earth changes will be coming this year, more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions across the globe.

All my highly sensitive brothers and sisters will experience even more ascension symptoms this year, but not to worry. Divine intervention is in place and will be amped up next year to provide the help we need. Not only in healing but in financial matters as well.

Praying for a peaceful and prosperous year for all of you and all of humanity.

Happy Holidays

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