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By andrewkeith61012869, Jun 19 2019 01:26PM

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to move? There has been stuck and heavy energy for the last month. Although the energies have not been near as intense as they were in March and April most can't wait for things to get moving and change. People are stuck in places and relationships and jobs and all the rest and getting impatient for things to begin to change. For most by early July, some folks later, the energy will start slowly moving forward and then bang!! Things will change so fast you will have to strap yourself in the rollercoaster seat for weeks to come.

This applies to world politics, business and the like. We will keep seeing subtle shifts in the power of governments. Later on, people will understand how major these shifts will really be.

Loads of ascension symptoms going on. The ever-popular can't sleep enough and getting too much sleep. Many are feeling lethargic and don't have a lot of passion for anything extra right now. Some are experiencing headaches that are not usual and come and go for no apparent reason. The new one in the bunch is foot aches and pains. As I have often channeled we are all continuously releasing whether we realize it or not. Currently many are releasing through their feet and I'm not wholly sure why right now. Good foot care is really important I hear. May sound crazy but I'm very clear on this. Soak your feet, get foot massages ( yea girls make him do it be sure to reciprocate), massage your feet before bed and please don't sleep in socks if comfortable. The obvious, wear good comfortable shoes, don't walk on the hard ground if you can help it, etc.


Find something to laugh at, make it a point every day. Laughing kindly about ourselves can be a most useful tool. Amp up your daily spiritual program right now will go a long way till the starting gun sounds.

Much love to all you Souls

By andrewkeith61012869, Apr 18 2017 06:36PM

Yo Yo

Yo Yo and hello, but's that's not what I mean. The energies are shifting so fast lately it's like we are tied to a Yo-Yo riding such highs and extreme lows like I have never seen. Part of it the normal ascension process we are all experiencing; whether we know it or not. A big piece of it that has been revealed to me is that many of these shifts are caused by divine intervention we are receiving regularly on this planet.

For example the North Korean test missile that exploded shortly after launch the other day should have and was able to launch. We have friends at work in other dimensions that are not going to let this happen. Several years ago after several accidental times missiles were activated they failed to launch and many UFO's were seen and photographed over the missile silos. This is one of many examples of where we are receiving divine intervention, there are so many ways higher loving being are helping us out right now.

This is what has been causing the rift in the time/space continuum that I wrote about back in February. These are hiccups as our dimension is shifted to another dimension for our benefit.  

Got any divine intervention going on in your life??? Look for it each day it's there if you choose to see it.

Ride the waves on the Yo-Yo with spirit, hold on to the love in your life, and remember we are not in it to win it, we are in it together.

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