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By andrewkeith61012869, Jan 16 2019 05:59PM

One of the most common themes I see coming in 2019 is confusion around surrender. We each have many things to surrender from many areas in our lives daily. Our relationships, finances, health and so on. I'm seeing the lessons getting bigger this year and more in our faces for many people. Of course, you need someone or something to surrender roadblocks to. God, a higher power, whatever you call it. Knowing that the divine is always working on our behalf whether we like the situation and outcome or not.

Surrender doesn't mean we throw weapons down and lay on the ground. It means we do our best in each situation and what we can't change we turn over.

The interesting part and perhaps most useful is observing the synergy between our surrender lessons and that of others. Often in family situations an adult child will have an issue with their parents and then their children do with them. Observe the synergies in your own life whether it's work or home or health. We almost always have many multiple lessons going on at the same time. They are all interconnected on some level.

We also surrender in layers or different levels. The ultimate surrender is saying, "I have this issue, but I"m not going to poke at it or try to fix it.".

To allow ourselves to be where we are. If we are in a state of fear or not being able to forgive or whatever, try to just let it be and pray for an answer to come.

A while back I ran into a guy that used to work for me and he asked what's going on. Without thinking I told him I was spending a lot of time in the return line. He said, "What you been buying?" I explained I had been surrendering issues to God and taking them back so I had lots of returns to make. We concluded better to return often than hold on to things we can't control and then let it decrease our joy.

Sometimes you may have to surrender something 10 times a day and this allows us to allow ourselves to be where we are whether we like the situation or not.

Big lessons on living in the moment........Chop wood....Carry water...Be the doing, NOT do the being.

Love and Allow


By andrewkeith61012869, Oct 31 2017 04:50PM

So many of my clients have asked me lately why they can't be happy and peaceful all of the time. This is a wonderful intention and goal, but that's not why we incarnate here. We come for the joy, but also the pain, suffering, heartache and the like. We learn through pain and create through pain. I'm sure many of you have noticed that many great artists have drawn their inspiration from their own personal pain. Think of the music industry, all the sad songs that are so beautiful and come from the tragedies of being human.

We learn through pain how to let go, surrender, and most importantly how to connect with God, whatever your belief system of God or a higher power is. We learn to be grateful for the smaller things in life and understand little by little that we don't have much control in this world. We learn that by letting go and doing our best we create the most peace for us and those around us.

The duality of the universe is always around us and in us, and we do have the choice of which to focus on and aspire to. I have come across many belief systems in many cultures that feel there is no distinction between dark and light, it's all just energy. I myself believe in moving towards the love and light that is offered in this world. My whole job in summary is to bring light to darkness whether it's an entity removal, a channeled reading to comfort those that have lost loved ones, or to rewire the energy of a person to relieve physical and emotional pain and discomfort.

I ask for miracles every morning and review them as I go to sleep at night. Many are so small most people wouldn't notice. For example, the day was fairly peaceful, or that I made it to an appointment on time, or an old friend comes back into my life. We all like the big miracles and by focusing on the little ones we open the door to creation for the big ones to happen. I love it when animals come near me. I have had birds land on me and a young deer rub it's head on my leg. Whatever the totem, it tells me all is in order and that I can relax.

Nobody gets a problem free, pain free life. We do our best in difficult times and it becomes harder to focus on the miracles of the day, but that is what will bring us the most joy and peace in the world. If you want your life to be like a trip to Disneyland focus on the good and all the miracles that are granted everyday. Start with, "I woke up today and have a life to live no matter how much trouble is in front of me."

Thank you all for being miracles in my life

Much Love

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