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By andrewkeith61012869, Dec 13 2017 04:35PM

There are so many spiritual courses, belief systems and places to explore to learn spiritual practices like never before. A guru that spoke to me in my head 15 years ago, that I spent time with, insisted that each person should only follow one spiritual path to dig the well deep. I have personally seen in many and have experienced that studying a little bit of everything assists many in coming back full circle, that studying ourselves is the spiritual thing we need to study the most. Who are we? Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, knowing how we operate in the world and how we interact with other's; meaning what are our intentions? Do we come from a place of love or of strategy and manipulation?

The foundation of our spiritual being and growth in our human journey is integrity. Being honest and forth right in each circumstance that we can. I haven't met anyone that has perfect integrity. We are all these divinely flawed humans experiencing the full realm of situations and emotions. When people lie for benefit of some kind or out of fear, it is a vibration we carry with us. I have noticed that the folks that lie regularly can't keep track of the untruths no matter how big or little. That takes a lot of energy and lowers the vibration of the soul and body. When you are integrated with other's, you are doing this for yourself.

What is not understood often is that when one does this they are only lying to themselves, because we are all one, it goes full circle back to us. Call it the law of physics or karma, but it exists. In between my corporate career and the healing practice I have been entrusted with, I opened a painting company for a few years. I remember going into people's homes and thinking, "Yes, I'm here to make it prettier, but Lord show me how to extend love to this family." Often times a small job would turn into a job 5 times bigger, but that's not why I did it, I could easily see that the love I extended was quickly returned to me. Not just monetarily, but the love directly from the families.

Often we can't see the return to us right away or connect the dots where the blessings came from, but it comes like a boomerang we threw in the air with love.

My mind is as complicated as anyones, always thinking and trying to figure out things that I have no control of so I like to keep it simple. I try to stay mindful of how does my next thought or action affect the people around me? I don't always do it, but it keeps me mindful of integrity and the oneness we all share in humanity.

My one brother used to say to family members, "Please have the courtesy to treat me as a complete stranger." We often get too comfortable with the ones we love and forget to extend to them the love and courtesy we do in public for people we don't really know.

I try to remember to treat everyone as I would a perfect stranger.

Much Joy and boomerangs to you all

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