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By andrewkeith61012869, Jun 7 2018 01:34AM

I channeled last month there would be another major earth event in June, and the eruption in Guatemala is the first of two more to come. Another event will be in the Indonesian region in June or July, by fall at the latest. I also heard the eruption in Hawaii was far from over last month and it is still continuing.

We also have continuing political unrest in our government with the campaign investigation, disputes with other governments including our closest allies, as well as internal unrest with U.S. social reform that is going to culminate in major social dispute and upheaval later this year.

This is all important to all of us sensitive folks because we feel all of this dissension in the world and in the earth. Many of my clients and myself are having limited sleep and vivid dreams. There is a much greater state of anxiety over the last month. We are not only feeling the effects of the disruption, we are also helping to process if for the planet and for humanity. Of course our souls have undertaken this mission and it is being done through us at an unconscious level.

At a soul level we have agreed to assist with processing these negative energies. Why you ask? What happens to one of us truly happens to all of us, most times in ways we can't see or quantify in our logical minds. It is soul work being done at the soul level, not something we decide to do with our thought processes. When I do the soul work spirit moves me to do, one client describes it as her life is a giant stack of paper and I pull out a sheet of negative cell memory she didn't know existed. It is exactly the same with our group soul processing of negative vibrations, mostly emotions.

Yes, all is in perfect order, but I have no further information on the reasons for the disruptions other than from the dawn of recorded civilization there has been too much ego going on in the world, especially from the wealthy and from politicians that wield most of the power for change on the planet in the physical.

That being said, each of us has a great influence on events and outcomes through our consciousness. Christ, Buddha, and many others gave us the message "If you want to change the world, change yourselves". We can do this by monitoring our minds and emotions and looking on each person and event with compassion, seeing that people are wounded and negative result from this, we spread the consciousness of love by our vibration to the world. It is not always visible, but if you ask to be shown you will see the results of your efforts in time.

Added bonus???? You will have more inner peace and feel centered by holding the thoughts of love and compassion for people and events.

Anybody doing it perfectly? No, even Christ got angry and tore up the temples of the money changers. Wouldn't it be nice if somebody did that to a few modern banks? Ha! Do your best to keep yourself centered and you will help yourself and the world move towards peace, no matter what is happening on the outside.

Remember, nobody gets out alive so enjoy each moment and find all the joy you can!

Much Love,


By andrewkeith61012869, May 16 2018 03:13PM

I am seeing people waking up in numbers I have never seen before in this incarnation. Folks are becoming more attuned to others and the collective consciousness of humanity. Knowing what people are thinking, feeling and prophetically knowing events before they happen, this is a beautiful and joyful experience for most that are waking up to the oneness of souls. While it is joyful it is also painful knowing too much about the negative and dark side of the collective human experience. It is a delicate balance between enjoying all this newness of energy and information and learning to mange it in a way that you can stay centered and balanced.

While all this outside information comes in, the way to stay centered is to focus inward in to the very depths of our souls and our humanity.

It is only by knowing yourself at a deeper level that you can discern between what energies are yours and what are not. This is the primary way to mange your energy in a world full of chaos and confusion. The other part is understanding God, whatever your definition, knowing that there is a power much greater than you in the universe that can guide you, heal you and protect you; that also provides so many blessings each moment of our day if we look for them. It is in this way we can let energies that are uncomfortable flow through us and past us and not touch our souls, minds and bodies. Looking inward is studying yourself in all ways possible. Exploring your ancestry is a good way. We carry the epigenetics of our ancestors. These are mannerisms, personality traits, predispositions to health, emotions and so much more.

I find that astrology has been somewhat helpful in understanding myself. Understanding our cultural heritage as Americans or whatever culture you were raised in... Another way is through watching how we react to people and the situations we encounter each moment of each day. All those beautiful mirrors to reflect back to us what we are feeling and why. Where we need to heal and where we need to grow.

None an end all and there really is no such thing, but this awareness provides bits and pieces of the puzzle that is you.


In the last blog I channeled it came through me that there would be a geological event, Hawaii has happened in the past week and it is far from over yet. There will be another major geological event in June or July this year, I haven't been shown where or what yet but will update you when I'm shown.

In the most highly sensitive of my clients this is causing major anxiety and feeling of stress that cannot be related to life events normally occurring. I have blogged about it so many times but am moved by spirit to repeat again.


Meaning take care if yourself first and foremost. Diet, exercise yes, but don't forget taking care of your energy and soul. A solid daily spiritual routine is absolutely one of the best ways to stay centered in turbulent times.Get outside help when you need it from myself and the many healers that have woken up to serve.

Love all you souls, but don't park on my lawn.......beep beep

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