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By andrewkeith61012869, Oct 19 2019 09:16PM

Change is moving rapidly for many right now. From changes on the job to the beginnings and end of relationships. Many couples that keep breaking up and getting back together will be permanently done soon or already are and not recognizing it yet. These changes are because we are individually changing so fast right now many of you feel like you don't know who you are anymore and it will take a little time to find your center and move forward.

Meanwhile, the dark energy is spreading and trying to get a better foothold on our planet. It is up to each of us to maintain our own light and monitor our dark side. The major way to achieve this is by being mindful of our ego's. If you are upset with someone why? What do you feel is missing from your life and what is causing the darkness. Anger, jealousy, grief and the rest of the negative emotions we are all subject to. I am witnessing more and more people fighting for power and control. Whether it is for money and fame or to control others to get a leg up. Conscious manifesting is good and fine as long as it follows surrender. It is the fighting to get what one wants and expectations of outcomes that cause frustration and the like emotions to surface. Gratitude is about being happy with what we have.

Remember manifesting is simply a happy thought that we let go of and don't pay close attention to the outcome. It is in the relaxed flow that we create not in forcing things and applying great effort and resources. I have had many clients that have used spells to join with the partner of their choice. So far I have not seen one of these work out long run. How about instead of connecting me to this specific person we say God send me the right partner and let go of it.

October 31 is a doubleheader with Halloween and Mercury going retrograde. This will be an intense energy time however most will feel it days before and after and not on that exact day. The usual ascension symptoms are occurring, too much or too little sleep and the rest. New ones right now are neurological problems and joint pain as well as unusual body aches. These should start easing up by mid-November.

Oh yes and Thanksgiving is coming up. Funny we dedicate one day a year when most of you know it is every day of the year. I know some days are tougher than others to be grateful so remember you woke up today, have a roof over your head and you will begin to see all your needs are met or you wouldn't be on the planet. Then it gets easier to continue the list.

If you are struggling to be grateful the quickest way to get there is to help someone else in need. As we give we receive..........

Much Love to you All

By andrewkeith61012869, Jun 19 2019 01:26PM

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to move? There has been stuck and heavy energy for the last month. Although the energies have not been near as intense as they were in March and April most can't wait for things to get moving and change. People are stuck in places and relationships and jobs and all the rest and getting impatient for things to begin to change. For most by early July, some folks later, the energy will start slowly moving forward and then bang!! Things will change so fast you will have to strap yourself in the rollercoaster seat for weeks to come.

This applies to world politics, business and the like. We will keep seeing subtle shifts in the power of governments. Later on, people will understand how major these shifts will really be.

Loads of ascension symptoms going on. The ever-popular can't sleep enough and getting too much sleep. Many are feeling lethargic and don't have a lot of passion for anything extra right now. Some are experiencing headaches that are not usual and come and go for no apparent reason. The new one in the bunch is foot aches and pains. As I have often channeled we are all continuously releasing whether we realize it or not. Currently many are releasing through their feet and I'm not wholly sure why right now. Good foot care is really important I hear. May sound crazy but I'm very clear on this. Soak your feet, get foot massages ( yea girls make him do it be sure to reciprocate), massage your feet before bed and please don't sleep in socks if comfortable. The obvious, wear good comfortable shoes, don't walk on the hard ground if you can help it, etc.


Find something to laugh at, make it a point every day. Laughing kindly about ourselves can be a most useful tool. Amp up your daily spiritual program right now will go a long way till the starting gun sounds.

Much love to all you Souls

By andrewkeith61012869, Mar 30 2019 06:16PM

In January 2017 I blogged about a rift in the time-space continuum. I became aware of a discrepancy between the miles I was driving and the time it took to arrive at my destination. This went on for two days before I channeled that we had assistance with a shifting of the poles of the earth to maintain the current orbit of the planet. This created a geomagnetic spike from the core of the earth which caused time and space (distance and time) to not be lined up as we usually are accustomed to. Some didn't believe what I channeled at that time.

The other night on the science channel astrophysicists were discussing the evidence that geomagnetic spikes and shifts in this field cause rifts in the time-space relationship on earth. I was excited to see that modern science has confirmed this.

The new age community has been talking about the thinning of the veil between earth and other dimensions in the quantum field and that time is speeding up. I have gotten clarity for years that time is not speeding up, what is actually happening is that time is contracting and disappearing. What does this mean for us?

It means that to stay centered and balanced in our lives we need to learn more than ever before to live in the moment and train our minds to let go of the past and the future. Our memories will still be intact and we will still do planning for the future. The difference now is that we will lose more and more of our attachment to the past and the future. By losing this attachment what I mean is we will have much less emotion around it. It will be like reading about something in 300 BC in China. We will just observe it without feeling much about it whether an event happened 3 hours ago or 3000 years ago.

It is notable that we can be conscious of these shifts and make conscious decisions to not emotionally attach to events and situations. To take each day as if the slate has been wiped clean. I don't see that we can do this completely, simply that it is something to be mindful of to create greater peace in ourselves which will, in turn, create greater peace in all humanity. As the majority of you are aware as one of us goes we all go. So don't go or come to stay here now. Interesting note, three times in my life someone out of the blue has given me a copy of" Be Here Now". A reminder to stay in the moment.

Native peoples all over the planet live in the moment with a " Tic Tic" awareness of the world vs the modern "Tic Tock" view of the world. Modern thinking is always looking for more and to get ahead. I have seen in my own life where I gain so much more in the times I have focused my attention in the moment and lived in the flow of life and creation.

Love to Me and you....Because you are me and I am you Co Co ca chew............Thank you to the Beatles


Please note I am not a big fan of social media however I am on instagram and will be posting there often in the future. If you would like to follow me at Andrewkeith811 on Instagram

By andrewkeith61012869, Mar 13 2019 04:23AM

This Mercury in Retro came in with hardly a whimper at the beginning of the month. Partly because the energy was so intense over the first two months of the year, so it seemed like normal intensity. However, there is an undercurrent to this retrograde that is making the majority feel tense and anxious. Wanting to know what is coming next. It's like we are in a war waiting for the next bomb to drop. This undercurrent of tension is hitting most folks in spurts. Everything seems fine and good one moment and then the intensity and accompanying fear slip in for several hours or a day with no reason we can see in the linear.

As I have channeled before we are in the washing of teeth at the end of days. Everyone and I mean everyone has old dramas from this life and past lives coming up liking we are vomiting them up versus normal releasing making the experience more intense and people looking desperately for a reason and causes in their world.

This is causing more people to place their fears and anxiety on the people around them causing all kinds of necessary drama, arguments and bad feelings and the like. It is also causing more tensions between countries and different factions in many areas.

It is notable that some of these drama situations are on the path, part of the plan for many karmic reasons. It is how we handle each that is important. Sometimes we need to cut bait and get away from people that are not conscious enough to look at their own issues, emotions, and reactions to events. Sometimes we need to work through the dramas to move forward You need to gauge each situation individually.

The main thing to do????? Those that read my blogs regularly....chop wood, carry water. meaning take care of yourself physically mentally and emotionally each moment you have an opportunity to.

I expect a calming down of the energy around next weekend to early next week. However, this retro will go out at the end of the month for most with a bang.

Much love to your souls,


By andrewkeith61012869, Jan 16 2019 05:59PM

One of the most common themes I see coming in 2019 is confusion around surrender. We each have many things to surrender from many areas in our lives daily. Our relationships, finances, health and so on. I'm seeing the lessons getting bigger this year and more in our faces for many people. Of course, you need someone or something to surrender roadblocks to. God, a higher power, whatever you call it. Knowing that the divine is always working on our behalf whether we like the situation and outcome or not.

Surrender doesn't mean we throw weapons down and lay on the ground. It means we do our best in each situation and what we can't change we turn over.

The interesting part and perhaps most useful is observing the synergy between our surrender lessons and that of others. Often in family situations an adult child will have an issue with their parents and then their children do with them. Observe the synergies in your own life whether it's work or home or health. We almost always have many multiple lessons going on at the same time. They are all interconnected on some level.

We also surrender in layers or different levels. The ultimate surrender is saying, "I have this issue, but I"m not going to poke at it or try to fix it.".

To allow ourselves to be where we are. If we are in a state of fear or not being able to forgive or whatever, try to just let it be and pray for an answer to come.

A while back I ran into a guy that used to work for me and he asked what's going on. Without thinking I told him I was spending a lot of time in the return line. He said, "What you been buying?" I explained I had been surrendering issues to God and taking them back so I had lots of returns to make. We concluded better to return often than hold on to things we can't control and then let it decrease our joy.

Sometimes you may have to surrender something 10 times a day and this allows us to allow ourselves to be where we are whether we like the situation or not.

Big lessons on living in the moment........Chop wood....Carry water...Be the doing, NOT do the being.

Love and Allow


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