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By andrewkeith61012869, Mar 21 2020 01:19AM

To all of my highly sensitive clients and friends it is not only the stress of your nation's current situation that is affecting you. Many if not most of you are feeling the stress and fear being generated. You are feeling all the fear others are feeling in the collective consciousness. With the really sensitive folks it is hitting your weakest spots. From my practice many are having intestinal trouble, shortness of breath and a variety of other symptoms. Obviously it will be different person to person on how your body is affected.

Best remedies: Rest, and as most of your are not working get some extra sleep, listen to good music, catch up on those books you haven't gotten to. I highly recommend not watching the news too much. We all want to stay informed but having it on all the time just manifests more symptoms and increases the ones you have.

Water, drink more and keep your body hydrated. Most importantly get in water, bathtub, hot tub, I think large bodies of water, swimming pools and lakes if you live in the south, are the best. By fully immersing you body you will clear more of the negativity off of your etheric body.

Meditate more and get healings when you need them as opportunities allow.

I know these are common sense but we all need reminders!

I have never done promotions as spirit has guided me not to participate in corporate linear concepts, however I am being directed to.

So all healing sessions that spirit offers through me will be 25% off for the next ten days. Spirit directed this because so many have a major fear around money right now. I'm staying as busy as I usually do but spirit directs that more folks will need healings.

We will all get through this with minimal effects of we stay calm, maintain ourselves best we can and keep our center.

Please say extra prayers for those working in healthcare right now, they are facing the greatest stress as this phase continues.

Sending prayers and love to you all

By andrewkeith61012869, Mar 18 2020 10:57PM

For over a week clients text me every day wanting to know what is happening with the coronavirus pandemic as it's now called.

First off this is a genetically modified virus, meaning it was created in a lab. I'm not clear if it was an accident or not.

The reports of it on the news are not over-exaggerated, 14 day incubation period before a carrier knows they have it and it will cross over many more than normal flu if a vaccination or cure is not found soon. The loss of life is tragic although we all have to go some time. I don't mean that to be trite. People pass away in so many different ways every day and this will be part of a long list of ways.

What you are seeing on the news I heard over two weeks ago. This will not settle down until July. It will not be business as usual in July it's more as a society we will be better able to deal with it and even accepting that this is part of a new paradigm. The part I'm seeing is that it will come back with a mutated strain in the fall. By then many needed resources will be in place to handle the second wave.

What is the most disturbing is that the white house has dragged their feet for two months especially on the test kits and distribution and on limiting social interaction until we have enough test kits to know where we stand in regards to the spread of CV. Europe and South Korea are so much farther ahead of us it is something you may want to consider. If this goes long enough martial law will be declared. Whether or not the military and others in the government will allow this I"m not clear.

Obviously, the largest impact on the masses of Americans will be economic. I'm not getting the government can do enough to avoid a recession. It's a question of how deep it goes. Please remember up and down cycles in the economy are natural occurrences. We can get through that with less discomfort if Washington puts the supports in place now, so start contacting your representatives and make it clear the Government must step in n a national level. Congratulations to Governor Cuomo and the other state governors that are making the necessary changes and adding support while Washington spins its wheels as usual.

This gives us all the choice. Are we going to live in fear as panic in groceries has demonstrated this week or can we take the compassionate view with an attitude of appreciation for what we do have ?? We can decide to be grateful for what we do have and provide as much support as we can to the neighbors we have that will suffer the most due to unemployment and many other disrupting circumstances.

Christ , Krishna and many others told us we are all brothers and sisters and to take care of each other. You have an opportunity to be somebody's hero during this time.. You have an opportunity to still enjoy life and live in faith........Your Choice

By andrewkeith61012869, Feb 23 2020 04:25PM

The energy has been very up and down the last six weeks and growing more intense. The rollercoaster will continue for about the next 4 to 6 weeks and be even more up and down. Many of us are feeling it where the energy seems clear and bright, and it is, and then for no apparent reason the bottom falls out and we sink like a stone. Sometimes this happens over a few hours and sometimes within minutes. The causes are many; planetary energy shifts....current Mercury retro to name flares and geomagnetic spikes to name a few.

The core is what is going on inside you.

I have written many times about self care and balancing our mind , body , and spirit but it is going beyond that in to things in us we cannot see. We all carry cell memory from our current and past lives, and yes even future lives but can't see what we are holding on to at a cellular level. Spirit has guided my practice from mainly guidance readings to negative ( and sometimes positive) cell memory release and rewiring the energetic systems in us to create more harmony and balance. I had a client tell me a few years ago that her analogy to the healing and releasing work spirit does through me is like her life is three large stacks of paper and we go and pull something out she wasn't aware was even there. Everyone needs more of this work right now, including me. Often the result will be a greater sense of peace and clearer knowing over the days and weeks that follow after releasing and rewiring.

I truly believe we are at the bashing of teeth at the end of days meaning all our old stuff is being pushed up much more rapidly and this moment will accelerate over the next 6 weeks. I"m here if you need help and I know there are a number of us doing this work now.

Past Life Flashbacks

I have seen this occur many times over the years but I used to see it once in a while now I'm seeing it almost daily. Ever meet someone and love them or hate them right away? You had a past life with them. It goes much further than that. I'm regularly seeing where someone starts a conversation or situation with another person that they barely know on a subject that is forgien to one of them. Usually the other person doesn't pick up on it and finds that person to be strange and I've heard describe them as crazy. Old entanglements, competitions, love relationships and the like are coming up rapidly these days. This is all part of the accelerated clearing I have been talking about. So if someone is talking to you about an event or situation that seems totally forien take a step back in your mind and feel if the situation feels familiar in any way whether you remember it or not. Go with the feeling.

Remember the inter dimensional fields are intersecting and colliding more rapidly than anytime I can remember and it will continue to accelerate......Chop Wood....Carry water....stay in the moment and do your best to stay in balance.

Next time I'll channel about De juve

Keep your heart steady Matey and your mind and body will follow

Love Andrew

By andrewkeith61012869, Dec 10 2019 03:43AM

I have felt so many energies coming at me for the last few weeks it has been hard to sort them out. Actually, for many of us, it is more intense than any Mercury in Retrograde in recent memory. Everyone and I mean everyone is doing year-end clearing right now getting ready for the New Year so we can start as fresh as possible. This happens every year to some extent. Ah yes, energies are always coming and going but never this fast that I have seen.

What is creating the intensity right now is the continuous rifts in the time/space continuum that I recently channeled about. Where it used to happen several times a year recently it has been every few days. Partly caused by geomagnetic spikes from the core of the earth but I have identified that many more spikes are coming from other dimensions as the quantum field continues to open more to our 3-D dimension.

Many people are in fear of money and/or relationships ( whether beginning or ending them) and generally have a feeling of being lost or out of place. All with an underpinning feeling of being ungrounded.

Your place is out of place it's not that you're out of place. It is kind of like living 50 feet above the earth and can't quite get grounded. Those of you that are highly sensitive are feeling it double what everyone else is. So if your friends or neighbors seem fine and go on their merry way you may get the feeling something is wrong with you.

You are just super sensitive and need more rest and self-care until you regain your balance again so don't push anything hard right now. Relax into the energies and make friends with this quiet time. Years ago when I was active in the corporate world a friend was sick and I called to check on him and asked how he was. He replied " I'm enjoying port health and catching up on my reading and other areas of my life"

Do not despair it will get a little better over the Holidays and should clear up by Mid-January or thereabouts. Current symptoms are loads of dreaming, joint and muscle aches, problems with teeth and most of all a fogginess in the mind for no explainable reason.

Plenty of help available if you need it both here and there. There meaning ask your guides and Angles when you need something that hasn't appeared in the physical.

Love all you souls

By andrewkeith61012869, Nov 28 2019 12:45AM

Two Januarys ago I blogged about a rift I experienced in the time/space continuum on our planet. While driving I noted that the number of miles I traveled and the time it took to travel a specific distance did not match. I was informed from spirit that it was the result of geomagnetic spikes coming from the core of the earth that were disrupting this. Last summer I saw that young physicists on the Science Channel had evidence of the same phenomenon. I have noticed this occurring more and more frequently over the past few months.

It can cause many of us confusion in our lives. A feeling of being unbalanced and out of control. Especially those of you with 9 to 5 jobs. One day can seem like it lasts a week and another day feels like it goes by in an hour. This is all part of our linear three-dimension reality intersecting with other dimensions on our planet. These rifts do however provide a great opportunity for us to let go and meld into the shifts of space and time that are occurring. The shifts can actually allow us to move slightly through the space-time continuum and begin to shift our reality individually in positive ways. When you notice the rifts occurring take extra time to meditate on how you would like your reality to be.

When moments feel extra long or short is the time to work on shifting your world. Please remember conscious creation is a wonderful part of life but we need to continue to be aware of co-creation as we reshape our reality. From my channeling, I have seen over and over that most of what we create in our lives, we created before we incarnated in our bodies. People, places, and events were most often planned before we took our first breath. To create and let go at the same time and allow life to be what it is in each moment while musing on thoughts of your shift.

Remember manifestation is just a happy thought we have and then forget about. That simple.

I don't blog about politics often and understand I can't change the world....only myself to an extent. However, I am troubled by what I see happening in our country. Our politicians are moving toward a more autocratic bent and this does put our democracy in danger of not existing in the future.

America is the anchor to democracy in the world. If ours slips away democracy will fall worldwide and we will live in a world ruled by dictators as is the case in China and Russia. Do your own analysis and please be aware of voting and supporting with your heart and not your mind what you believe is best for all. If it is best for all it will be the best for you!!!

Another Thanksgiving next week reminding us all that Thanksgiving Day is 365 days a year. How blessed we are all to be here regardless of the problems and joys we encounter in life every day.

Much Love to You which sends it back to me for I am you and you are me co co cachew (thanks to the Beatles for that enlightened verse).

Happy Thanksgiving every moment to you

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